“When I started working with Nick, I had been dealing with severe elbow pain for over a year. This was restricting my practice to the point where I would have to go days without hitting golf balls, and I started rethinking my playing career. From our first lesson until now, some 7 months later, I have been completely pain free and my ball striking has never been better.

Not only am I hitting the ball better, and without pain, I feel like I have a whole new level of confidence in my playing ability. I have never been more excited about my game. From the swing changes we have made, to the mental perspective I have gained, I feel my best golf is yet to come!”

Aimee C. – NWGA Tour Player & Div. III All-American

“I love the approach Nick took with improving my game. He took the time to understand what my goals were, and developed a customized plan to support those goals. As a “recreational golfer”, I have limited time to practice. Nick provided minor adjustments that were easy to implement, designed a practice regimen to support the changes, and helped me take it to the course with the proper mental focus.”

Herb S. – 18 handicap

“Nick has helped me improve my game immensely, going from rounds in the 90s to the low 80s in only a few lessons. I have had several coaches, but haven’t seen the results I have with Nick. His tailored approach gives me the confidence I need to get the most out of my practice time, and to see the results where it matters most, the golf course.”

Dagan L. – 5 handicap

“I first heard about Nick through a friend, with whom I was fairly equal with in terms of skills. He had seen him for lessons a few times, and was beginning to play well above his normal ability. My friend convinced me to see Nick, and it was the best decision I could have made for my game. The easy to understand steps provided have improved both my technical skills, and my outlook on the game as a whole. I would recommend Nick to anyone who is serious about improving their game.”

Jude B. – Competitive amateur golfer